The Happy Jack Fund would be nothing without the devotion and endless support received from our sponsors on a daily basis. Here are some of the few that donate their time and charity to help sponsor our events among many other things. They're a giant help to the success of Happy Jack and we appreciate all of them. The friendships and alliances created between our companies has allowed us to give back to the community to continue to keep the memory of our Jack alive.

  Collette Cannatero Photography

The Happy Jack Fund is proud to announce Colette Cannataro as the photographer for all the Happy Jack fund events. She has graciously decided to donate her services for all of our events and we are grateful to have her on board! Her business Collette Cannatero Photography is one that has not gone unnoticed. As an award-winning commercial and fine art photographer specializing in people, sports, corporate photography and landscapes with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery, she promises to capture the pure essence of your event or session, every time.


  Harper's Smiles

Partnering with hospitals to provide childproofing and furniture safety information packets and device samples for families as they head home with newborn children. Thus ensuring that protecting your family begins on day one. Developing an affiliate program with real estate agencies to provide packages containing childproofing devices for families with children at the point of purchase of their new homes. Thus ensuring your home is safe from the day you move in. Making furniture safety devices available for families who are unable to afford them. After all, childproofing your home is a necessity, not a luxury.


  Jack Green Realty

We pride ourselves in creating custom solutions for every client in every price range. Our professionals have the local knowledge, training, experience, and energy to partner with you every step of the process.


  Matt Warbet Realty

Matt Warbet Realty is proud to be a sponsor of the Happy Jack Fund. MW Realty is committed to donating 10% of his commission with any business referred to him through friends of the Happy Jack Fund! 

Get in contact with Matt today:

Matt Warbet
10 Esquire Road, New City, NY
C: 917-834-0159
E: mattwarbet@kw.com 

  With Arms Wide Open

The mission of our organization is to provide a forum where cops of all ranks, and their families, can attend meetings and discuss issues surrounding being the parents/ guardians/caretakers of a child with special needs. Born from the experiences of Police Officer Merritt Riley and his family, NYPD WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN, answers the call to create a community for cops and their families with special needs children. Often times the families with special needs children feel isolated and are searching for an organization that can address their very specific needs and issues. We help these families care for their children while navigating through the culture, complexities and dangers of being a member of the New York City Police Department.